Friday, December 18, 2009

When the prez gives you an order…

Hey guys! In the interest of saving time I’ve decided to cave to peer pressure and set up this blog. And by “peer pressure” I mean three people asked me if I was going to blog. And by “set up this blog” I mean I off handedly mentioned to Mollie that I would be willing to blog and she proceeded to set it up the next day. Damn her efficiency.

Anyway- for those who don’t know: I’m about to head out to Malawi. I’ll be spending four months there working for Project Peanut Butter, an NGO that treats malnourished infants and distributes Ready-to-Use therapeutic foods (RUTFs). More about that later.

Basically I created this silly lil’ blog in order to let everyone know what I’m up to, that I’m safe, haven’t contracted anything (cough…Nick…cough) and a little bit about Malawi and PPB. Plus you’ll all get an up close and personal look at my disintegrating psyche when I run out of Purell and have to face my germaphobia head on.

I can’t promise that this will be funny, entertaining or even tolerable. I’m no Chris Duffy and I think my work, while extremely compelling, will be kind of monotonous so don’t feel the need to follow this regularly. Mostly this is just a shout out to my mom (Hey Jo Shaps!) and a way to satisfy Mollie. Because when the prez gives you an order…you can’t say no.

(full disclosure: Mollie made me ANOTHER blog but my friend margggge helped me setup a "blogger" blog that is easier for me to use and lets her play with html. She's a self-described "deek" -- a dumb geek. Hi Margaret.)


  1. Durr Hayley,

    I changed the "posts" settings so that there are no borders around the images. I hope you don't mind. I wish you weren't leaving.

    Love and Gassy Joints (get it?),
    Your deek, Maaaggret

  2. glad to hear you are safe and doing well, we're getting walloped by the first blizzard of the season.

  3. your paragraphs are all the same size roughly