Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Last weekend was Jackie's 40th birthday. Jackie is a kick-ass woman who works in marketing in San Fran but takes off long periods of time to work for non-profits. Here was her birthday weekend schedule:

Friday: happy hour here at the house (happy hour for us means beer, cookies and chips).

Saturday: Went hiking on Mt. Mulanje then raced to see the sunset while having drinks at Maky's, delicious fancy pizza at Hostaria (Italian restaurant) and fancy deserts at the Protea Hotel's 21 Grill (that is as close to swank as you get in Southern Malawi). It felt very surreal and I kept having to remind myself that I was still in Africa.

Here are some pictures:

Hiking/swimming on Mulanje:

 Will they do it? 
Yes they will.
Second thoughts about risking parasites? Nah. Just trying to get my clothes on before blinding any innocent Malwians.

Sunset at Maky's
Dinner at Hostaria (Ho-zone)

Dessert at the Pro

Yah, life in Africa is hard.

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