Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sad Day.

So I've been trying to get in shape and work off some of that Kazinga+carbs diet. Thus I've been sneaking into the nearby fancy hotel to use their treadmill/free weights. I've been going without incident for 2 weeks. Last Friday, however, I was caught red handed! The security guard was like, "where is your pass?" and I was like, "Uhhhhhhhhh. Well, um I paid for a gym membership but they haven't given me the ID yet."

He brought me to the front desk. Meanwhile, my inner monologue: "Shit! I'm going to prison in sub-Saharan Africa!!!!"

Luckily, in typical Malawian fashion, they were too disorganized to have access to the list of gym members so I escaped scott-free. Now I need to look for a gym that is more reasonably priced.

This is exactly why I hate breaking rules. Never again!

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