Sunday, April 25, 2010

Good Friday indeed

(Old post from Good Friday:
People doing stations of the cross in the road. Needless to say we had to just pull over and wait.

Today was Good Friday and we went to Chingale- one of my favorite sites. We have a new student here, Gregg and so we took two cars instead of one. So it was just me, Lacey and Makwinja in the car. Lacey was studying her surgery book so Makwinja and I talked the whole time about inflation and education.

On the way we saw Gift, an 11 yr old who usually helps his mom by bringing one of his twin baby brothers to clinic and another young boy with a sibling who was also heading to Chiponde clinic. Because we had room in the car, we stopped and gave them a ride. Gift's baby brother was absolutely terrified. Like saw the grim reaper terrified. This kid would not stop screaming bloody murder and not just when he was looking at the scary white people. OK lets zoom in on that jeeeeest a little...
Turns out that he had never been in a car before- none of the kids had.

I also saw one of my favorite babies in the whole program- George P. Ahhhhhh I love that lil munchkin. I got to hold him during teaching and even danced with him.

His mom probably thinks I'm going to sell him on the black market.And Lacey accused me of liking the "waif look" in babies. And I'll admit he's kind of a frequent flier with our clinic. But I think Georgie-Porgie would be cute even if he put on like 5 kg. But perhaps I should be concerned that my standards of baby beauty have been warped by treating malnutrition!  

Also it's Gus' 26th birthday so we went to lunch at the Dirty Sun (The Food Court at the Malawi Sun hotel). And then we're having happy hour. Score. Props to Gus for being born.

Yesterday a child pooped on my shirt. I picked up the kid whilst it was naked and it used my shirt as TP. Left me with a visible skid mark. on my white tee shirt. sigh. my life here is so painfully glamorous.

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