Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Joys of Children/STDs of the eyes?

Ah- how I love working with the wee ones. They give me hope. They give me joy. They give me acute viral rhinopharyngitis?

Yes, one of these little buggers has given me the gift of a nasty cold. I've been sniffling, sneezing nose-running all over clinic.

But I should hardly be surprised- "baby" is the Chichewa word for crying/pooping vector of disease. No, I kid! But seriously, these kids need to learn how to use Purell. Or at least they should let me dip each baby in a vat of Purell before I handle them.

Actually, I should be happy to only have a cold. Especially since I was talking to the doctor I work with about the flies that are always in these kids' eyes and noses. Apparently the flies give the kids chlamydia which sometimes makes them go blind. Yah, chlamydia. The flies carry it from the lady-parts to the kids eyes!

So yah, I'll just keep blowing my nose, batting flies out of my eyes and counting my blessings.

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