Monday, April 19, 2010

Pick up lines

Last weekend was Meg's last weekend in Malawi so I convinced her to go for a beer at the Blue Elephant, a popular bar in Blantyre.

When we were there a man approached us and was trying to spit some game. Now I've heard some weird pickup lines, especially from Malawian guys when English is their second language. Normally, however, they just go for directness: Lets get married! I would like to know you! etc etc

This guy, however, decided that he would go all-out despite his very shaky command of the English language:

Hello! Did you know that there are two Martin Luther Kings? One black and one white?
What? Oh, you mean Martin Luther King Jr and Martin Luther? Umm....yah.
Which one do you think was more intellectual?

Yah. Gotta appreciate a pickup line with some historical relevance!

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