Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Children hate me

Inspired by the rousing success (read: Sara liked it) of my post on children reactions to me, I would like to start a new series on the fine piece of journalistic brilliance that I call my blog. The new series will be entitled "children hate me" and will feature photos of wee Malawians who are scared out of their mind by the pigment deficient weirdo with the camera. I would like to add a disclaimer, however, for those who don't know me/potential babysitting clients/pediatric residency program directors/the small children who frequent my blog: I have no reason to believe that children do, in fact, hate me. In fact, there is at least limited evidence to the contrary. The title and content of this series is meant purely in a lighthearted and intended to provoke a chuckle (whether reality matches intent is up to you, dear readers). Anywho, here goes:


This little girl was so perturbed and disgusted that she gets two pictures. I also particularly enjoy how her mother seems to be delighting in her terror. This is actually quite common: mothers think it's hysterical when their brethren are fear-stricken by the sight of an azungu and generally try to force their offspring even closer to me. This, of course, makes the child even more terrified which in turn makes the mother laugh harder. Perhaps Malawian mothers are the intended audience for this series?


  1. Well then slap me on the back and call me a Malawian mother!

    (I love you, azungu.)

  2. I'm your nicest friend because I recruit new readers to your blog...