Monday, January 25, 2010

In my infinite maturity...

That picture of a child's rear end was intended to visually signify that the following post is scatological in nature:

So, in dealing with terrified children you need to expect a bit of messiness of the urine variety. As urine is quite sterile this hardly bothers me at all. Normally I say "clean up on aisle four," pick up the offending child, hand the dripping lil critter to his mother and get the cleaning fluid- all with a smile on my face. Today, however, a mother handed me the study cards for her two children and there was a legit hunk of feces/diarrhea on it. Not a smear, not a smudge, but a thwonk of pure human fecal matter. I must confess that I was pretty grossed out. Many kids here have diarrhea (you would too if you drank the cholera infested water, ate goat intestines and weren't able to refrigerate anything) and on more than one occasion I have seen a kid with diarrhea running down his or her leg. But there was something about being handed this particular chunk that spoke passionately to my gag reflex. For some reason, however, my response was to start giggling uncontrollably and grinning to myself. But I'm sure that's no surprise to anyone who knows my level of humor. Nothing like a set of loose bowels to really make my day.

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