Monday, January 11, 2010

Ground control to Major Tom

The huddled, unwashed masses are complaining that the peanut buttery toasts that I've used to decorate my bleak prose are getting in the way. I dismissed this nonsense until I was debased and forced to use a non-leopard Mac and (horror of horrors) a PC. It does seem to be overlapping with the text. Are people still having this issue?

Margaret, great goddess of the interwebs: is there a way to fix this?


  1. mookster: i just love the image of your nearly taking out a few pedestrians while anxiously trying to navigate those so-called highways. keep at it, girl! can't believe you've already been in malawi for nearly two weeks. you'll be an expert in no time. i'm sending you a virtual massage and hugs. xoxo,aunt lib

  2. i likey the short posts! you know me, i skim the blurbs!

    (but i read all your posts even though they were long paragraphs)

    misssss you!

  3. I forget what the email to access this blog is! I'm sorry, this where the "d" part of deek comes into play. (Of course the password has not slipped through my crackity fingers, just the email address.)