Sunday, January 10, 2010

Things that make me miss the good ol’ US of A #1

Cable Internet.

Have you seen that Louis CK standup sketch about wifi on planes?

 Mea culpa. He may have been speaking to me and me alone. He’s spot on: I’ve been thoroughly spoiled by modern technology. I of course still remember the days of leafing through the newspaper while the modem connected. Truth be told, however, those days already seem like a quaint memory along the lines of horse drawn carriages or Bravo without the Real Housewives. These days I’m used to a fast connection- how better to appreciate Margaret’s prolific photoshop career or keep up with the welcome deluge of 444 group emails?

Lets just say that Malawi has yet to catch up with my penchant for gmail and In the words of Louis CK- this is bullshit. I’m in the middle of Africa and I want my DSL. Without it I cannot, for example, pepper this blog with pictures of small African children or give you a visual on the people I work with. Nor can I operate my beloved gchat and thus keep Sara entertained at work. I have to (gasp) use HTML mode. Alas, my friends, I will have to torture you with my pictures only upon my return. Until then, enjoy your Hulu, your iPhoto exporter and your websites that require Flash. I’ll be sitting here in one of the most beautiful places on earth just waiting for the page to load. Bullshit.

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  1. nooo, bullshit, you cant post pictures? the upload is too slow?