Monday, February 15, 2010

Dear interwebs

Dear interwebs,

Enough is enough. I know I'm in Malawi but please, I get the point and I think we can move past that. OK OK, you're right. How should I expect the internet to work when I don't even have running water at the moment? Good point, well presented. I'll make you a deal. I won't use up any of your precious bandwidth with if you'll let me upload pictures faster than 1 per century. And I'll even throw in a ban on streaming video. Please?


And because the interwebs (in their benevolence) only took 1 hour to upload these, here are two pictures from my Valentine's Day hike at Zomba Plateau:

And yes, I wore that shirt because it was Valentine's Day. Cheeseball. 

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  1. lloooooove this! more pictures all the time. (read that in an electronic robot voice). in fact read all my comments in a staccato electronic voice. it will be fun fun funnier