Saturday, February 6, 2010

More picture from Namandage

Sorry to be jumbled about this (post about the lake in between two posts about my Thursday night stay in Namandage) but I wanted to show more pictures from Namandage besides my and Figo's lovely faces.

Here are some pictures from our walk. It was cool to see a village in a non-work context. But it was hard to be unobtrusive: people were literally dumbfounded by our presence and walking down the dirt road felt like leading a parade:

Here's a picture of the kitchen at the priest's house. Part of the fun of staying here is that you get chicken for dinner (!) and eggs in the morning. Right before breakfast, Figo snuck in through a door (which I'd mistakenly left ajar), leaped across the table, broke a cup and snatched a banana before being banished again.

And for good measure here are some more pictures of that rascally rascal:
Just chillin'
Playing with some kids

Investigating the camera
Trying to relax (the paparazzi is ruthless in Malawi)

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