Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fun with critters

On my Zomba hike we saw this incredible trail of ants snaking across the path and up into the hills. These little critters were busy and there was a mix of small ants and larger ants with huge pincers. I leaned down to document these Formicidae and then "@$#&#" one of those big f-ers pinced me with his evil jaw. Ever a lady I screamed an obscenity and proceeded to throw my belongings onto the ground. My companions loved that.

The next day at Mitondo I was measuring a kid when a huge fly/bee/demon from hell stung/bit/mauled me. I screamed, swatted it off of me and did the "bug dance." Needless to say, the mothers around me thought that was hysterical- and my hysteria launched then into a frenzy of delighted Chichewa, the gist of which probably was something like "Look! That bug just but her white skin! And now she is freaking out! Silly white people."

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