Monday, February 8, 2010

My name is Hayley. H-A-Y-L....

So I was at our usual lunchtime hangout, Chez Mackys, the other day and Macky walked over. "Macky!" I said (feeling pretty suave for knowing and chatting up the owner of this popular spot), "How did the big move go? Are you all settled?" 

He looked at me for a second and, in lieu of responding to my query, said "have you been eating curry?" Turns out my mouth was stained yellow from the mango I'd been eating earlier. Not suave at all.

I am legit so infatuated with mangoes that I eat somewhere between 2 and 3466 every day. And I've developed addictive behaviors: worrying when there are no mangoes in the house, stockpiling them to prevent the aforementioned anxiety, lusting after my next mango fix. As evidenced from my anecdote above, mangoes have also been interfering with my social life. What will I do when mango season ends? When I'm fiending for my next hit and have to turn to desperate measures (like *gasp* buying one from a grocery store instead of the cheap juicy ones from the roadside)?!?!

I think that Nick and Miles and Katie (but not Igor) would agree that I need an intervention. This is cry for help!

In other fruit news: I tried a passion fruit. It was super tart but it did kind of taste like the passion fruit Fanta (which is my favorite):


  1. Seriously, if anyone ever asks me to be a part of a documentary about addiction, the MILLISECOND they ask me to spell my name for the camera I'll be like, "AAAH HEELLL NAHHH, LES' JUS GET THIS OOOOVAAAH WITH RIIIIIIIIIGH' NOOOOOOW." (And yes, the aforementioned intervention will address my addiction to faking non-existent and potentially-offensive dialects)

    But seriously, how do they not catch on?

    In other news: I miss you, my darling yellow-mouthed azungu. Huh. That sounds like it could be a fish.

  2. Hahahaha, this post was amazing. I literally snorted out loud when I read the "have you been eating curry?" comment.

    Two other important observations:

    1) Figo is my new best friend. I've decided that from thousands of miles away.

    2) I slept in a room that looked EXACTLY like the room at the Black Madonna. Mine was at a hotel in Burkina Faso whose name had something to do with Mangoes, can't remember exactly what it was though...