Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

 I was slightly surprised to discover that Malawi is not immune to this saccharine holiday. All the restaurants in town have V-day specials and the streets are positively littered with young couples. This is not bad news, however because despite my cynical nature, I happen to love Valentine's Day.

I celebrated in my own way by making silly valentine's for my coworkers. I wrote poems like this one:

"Chiponde babies get fat
As graduation they waddle toward
There is no one with whom I'd rather
Torture kids on the height board."

Then Courtney and I made egg sandwiches with fresh tomato and avacado, had tea and listened to Simon and Garfunkel. Following that I decided that I needed to move the 'bod a little so four of us set out for Zomba Plateau. We had a glorious hike and then came home for some pizza at the Malawi Sun.

We call this establishment by its affectionate and more descriptive moniker: The Dirty Sun. Eating at the Dirty Sun is thus labeled "doin' it dirty." And therefore a+b=c and we were doin' it dirty on Valentine's Day. And who said I'd have no fun on VD here in Malawi?!

[And now the interwebs have decided not to cooperate so I can't post one of my beautious pictorals. So sad, I know, but try to find the stength to enjoy your Valentine's Day despite this minor tragedy.]

Happy Valentine's Day mes amis! I miss you all very much. 

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